Kelly Donohue Law | Nursing Home Neglect
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Nursing Home Neglect

The Patient Bill of Rights affords all Maryland Nursing Home Residents certain basic rights including the right to be free from physical, verbal, sexual abuse and neglect.  Residents have the legally codified right to receive care in a manner that is dignified, respectful, mindful of the resident’s quality of life and in compliance with applicable standards of care.


Unfortunately, the statistics demonstrate rampant neglect and abuse of our elderly in nursing homes with one source documenting more than two million cases of elder abuse reported annually.  Many of our loved ones are residents in nursing facilities because they are wheelchair or bedbound, unable to speak or care for oneself, and stripped of their cognitive function due to dementia or other neurological conditions.


The net result is a population deserving and in need of compassion, attention, and care yet dramatically underserved.  Residents are not infrequently the victim of negligent medical care with resulting physical injuries, victimized physically, emotionally, financially, and most shockingly sexually assaulted by staff or other residents.  Such systemic failures require strong legal advocacy policing the system in hopes of improving the quality of care.


Each victim of nursing home neglect requires a strong legal advocate to effectuate justice. Victims of nursing home neglect are potentially entitled to seek economic damages in the form of medical expenses, past and future, and pain and suffering damages.


Kelly Donohue Law has extensively and successfully litigated cases of nursing home and assisted living neglect and abuse.  Cases handled range from wrongful death or significant personal injury due to substandard medical care to physical, sexual, and verbal abuse to involuntary seclusion.

If you or someone you know were injured because of someone else’s mistake, please contact Kelly to discuss your claim.