Kelly Donohue Law | Personal Injury / Wrongful Death
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Personal Injury / Wrongful Death

A personal injury lawsuit is a cause of action arising from physical and emotional injuries caused by the negligence of another.  Often times the underlying negligent act giving rise to a personal injury action arises from an automobile collision, slip and fall, failure to provide a reasonably safe accommodation to a business invitee, or other unreasonably dangerous conduct by a wrongdoer.


When you or your loved one is injured or suffers the ultimate injury of death due to the negligence of another, a civil action for compensatory damages is the method of redress in the United States.  Potential available damages include past and future medical expenses/services, past and future lost wages, and pain and suffering damages.


Ms. Donohue has a wide array of experience litigating personal injury actions, first as a defense attorney and presently as an advocate for the injured parties.  Cases handled range from inadequate private security services in the public school system, accidental shootings, sexual assaults, automobile collisions, mold infestation, boating accidents, and unreasonably dangerous/defective products, among others.


Irrespective of the underlying factual predicate, Ms. Donohue’s goal in every case is client centered representation where justice is served.

If you or someone you know were injured because of someone else’s mistake, please contact Kelly to discuss your claim.